World Evangelical Restoration Ministries

Is a Christian Faith-Based non-profit organization. The ministry located in Africa. Uganda and DR Congo in the commune de Goma.

WERM is working with charity through our project CFCD. Which means Christian Foundation for Community Development. We cooperate with local communities. And we support widows, poor families, refugees. AIDS, orphans, children with disabilities. Street children,  children affected by wars in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

The need to start CFCD was the result of seeing difficulty faced by community members. Unemployment, housing issues, blindness, lack of skills, self-absorbed behaviors/living, are major identified problems which are under the program of CFCD for action.

The Ministry started by Apostle Pascal and Maria Masika Kashofu. In the year 2006 after the Lord spoke to him in a vision in1992.

Apostle Kashofu and his family to Sweden in Septembe 2017. They have settled in a Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden. The goal is get donations and reach more people who are in need in Africa.