Mr. & Mrs. Kashofu


World Evangelical Restoration Ministries was founded in 2006 by Pascal&Maria Jane Kashofu. God spoke to us to start the Ministry. During the service in our Mother Church in Goma, D.R.Congo in 1992. During a prayer season, God gives me a vision. We prayed with my wife Maria Jane. Shared the vision with her and Senior Pastor Jean-Francois Fumba. Who prayed and advised us to wait upon the Lord.

In 2003 we came to Uganda as refugees. Fleeing from war and settled at Meripa Chuch. In 2004, God’s voice spoke to me again which I had spoken to me in 1992. To remind me of the call to start the ministry in a foreign country. That moment I was confused. I said to myself “WHO AM I TO DO THIS Ministry of Restoration”.  

Then we went to Ndejje Entebbe road Kampala. Serving at Divine Grace Church led by Pastor Martin Ssendagi. We started mobilizing refugees from D.R.Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi in 2006. The number of people was 156. Divine Grace Church gave us the opportunity. To use their premises for 2006-2008 and in 2009. The Group was registered as CBO (Reg no: WCBO/221/09). We moved out and rented a premise (school hall) in Ndejje Mirimo. To accommodate our services for two years.

Our ministry of winning lost souls and restoration. Including sharing God’s word and prayer, fellowship, and teaching. We started the skills center for refugees. To train them in fashion and design tailoring, knitting FAL (function, Adult literacy). And English, Swahili, and Luganda language. This transformed many of their lives and have seen fruits. They use these skills to sustain their families. Paying rent school fees and food for their children. It reduced the dependency syndrome. On the handouts gives by aid agencies and helped them sustain their lives.

Mr. & Mrs. Kashofu

Mr. & Mrs. Kashofu


WERM Africa (World Evangelical Restoration Ministries) is located in two countries. D.R Congo province de Goma, commune de Karisimbi, Kampala Uganda. Wakiso district Kigoma village has established three centers one for refugees and two for the nation in the ministry. Called Christian Foundation for Community Development (CFCD) the center of urban refugees is located at Namungona in Rubaga division Kampala. The second center is located at Kigoma where our church is located in Wakiso District. And the last is located in Masindi District. We have a mission to reach the refugees’ camps to training and teaching them skills empowerments.