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GERMINISTRIE UGANDA IN  ONE OF THE MINISTRY CALLED  Christian Foundation for Community Development (CFCD) provides opportunities for international volunteers to participate in the community programs on both long term and short term basis.in other to improve the life of communities where CFCD is situated in Wakiso Sub-county nearly 45% Children have lost at least parent and many of these do stay with relatives or gruardians and hance. Stretching the family size and increasing family pressure which result into not affording school fees dues to those Children which factor if not addressed will lead these Children to leave the villages for town and City and may end as street children ,as pick pocketers especialy for boys and early mariage and unwanted pregnancies foe Girls
Volunteers live Bukasa village wakiso districk Sub-county on Mitiyana Road 11miles from Kampala and work directly with communities, providing mutual benefits to community and volunteers skills development and training in villages CFCD has a nursery school it is renting the place which are tree rooms and all children are vulnareble children and Orphans


Education Program:

Adult English Programs :
Many Adult face the same problem of language in communities villages of Uganda: Many of them are women which do not share common languages communities in Uganda.
This means that the adults communities are struggling to find employment and carry out daily tasks once in there life .
Here volunteers help them to learn English to facilitate them to be integrated in the society.

Volunteers who are interested in teaching children are sent to PRIMARY SCHOOL where most of children are the needy and most urban children in may villages are not going to school.

A volunteer choose which lesson to teach and this has to be arranged before he or she arrives in Uganda.

More information is indicated in Volunteer Information pack which is received after confirmation of the flight number.

CFCD has a primary school Which it has 75pupils, just over half are Orphans . Volunteers will work with the school staff to help teach English,Maths (and other subjects if possible) . The volunteers will frequently be faced by large classes with children of wide ranging age and English abilities, often in the same class.

Sentence including English club, tailoring, ...

Although they are sometimes a challenge CFCD has a tailoring centre for training for Adult and youth who have failed to finish their studies because of school fees ,we are teaching Adult literacy for alphabetic and languages and seminars in busness , we call all to give help and advice.


CFCD do welcome Medical Doctors and Nurses who wish to volunteer with the Organization,they are sent to the health centers which do welcome a big number of vulnerables as well as orphans

Volunteers are involved in counseling this is done by inviting our clients to the office or by home visit .Others are sent to Health centers were most are vulnerable families get the health assistance from.

Due that most of vulnerable families finds themselves traumatized due to the experience they went through while at their origin home so counseling is vital to them as they get an opportunity for the voluntary HIV testing and later taught on how to live with or without the HIV AIDS and other chronicle diseases.

CFCD also runs seminars to inform families about common health issues and how to prevent them. Volunteers with a background in counseling will be gladly received and will have an interpreter to assist them in the sessions.


Sustainability and self-sufficiency are the one of the greatest gifts an organization can provide.
Income generating projects help pull out of dependency here we do welcome volunteers who may have skills which may be helpful to the women, as per now women managed to learn how to make different fashions , . The women at tailoring project is very helpful to the community.

Cultural and Sports Activities -

Many of the youths are vulnerable to idleness and the cultural and sports activities are a good way to encourage them to take an active part in society. We are looking for volunteers who have experience in coaching sports or are interested in teaching the youth to know God and,other cultural activities, such as drama or dancing. This is a part-time program Youth to leads of generation for tomorrow
CFCD do welcome your program fee as a great donation to the Organization.

Monthly program fee:

A Week 100$
A Month 400$
Two Months 800$
Three Months 1.200$

This covers : Accommodation in self contained house.
Food Three meals a day
Pick from the Entebbe airport.
Registration fee
Program donation.

You will need a weekly budget of about US$20 to cover your bottled water and personal cost.

To check your currency conversion rates, you can use the tool at http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/

How to apply

To apply for a volunteer placement, please send your resume to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with details of when and how long you plan to stay, and what programs you would like to be involved in and we shall sent to you the application form which you will have to fill and a Volunteer Information Pack will be forwarded to you after the confirmation of your coming this Pack contains most of the information you may need to know.

Volunteers overseas can contact us through:

Phone:+46 700704061
Email; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 

OK forward to hearing from you!


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