Vision, Goals & Objectives

our staff handing over food


We saw the needs to create an environment able to bring hope to the community. Unemployment, housing issues, illiteracy, lack of skills, individualistic behaviors among a few, are some of the major identified problems under CFCD for action.

Our Goals

To promote empowerment of rural our Communities
To have a sure foundation of community dwellers full of sustainable peace, love and a coperative spirit

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skills empowerment

Our Objectives

To train leaders who will be in position to help and sustain both today and tomorrow’s generations.
To acquire buildings or land to cater for the increasing refugees into Uganda.

To help community members acquire knowledge and skills for job creation/employments such as brick laying, poultry keeping, carpentry, piggery, soap making, candle makings and many more.

To link and partner with other organizations within and outside the country for resources, market, knowledge and more skills for development.
To improve the standards of living for community members through impacting modern skills like; computer studies and adult education.
To create a God fearing community living in peace and harmony. A community where members take full care for each other.

Youth in Kigoma